Vive the cinematheques!
La Cinematheque francaise

As we approach the centenary of Henri Langlois, we are proud to invite the most beautiful of film libraries, a worldwide reference for conservation, restoration and enhancement. In the presence of its President, filmmaker Costa-Gavras, CEO Serge Toubiana, and their teams.

The New Gentlemen  by Jacques Feyder (Les Nouveaux messieurs, 1928, 2:03)
A dancer (Gaby Morlay), kept by a right-wing deputy, is secretly in love with a trade unionist. Censored upon its release, this comedy is a superb, light, casual and irreverent criticism of the morals of politicians.
Institut Lumière Thu. 2:15pm

The Lovers of Midnight  by Marc Allégret and Augusto Genina (Les Amours de minuit, 1930, 1:37)
Gaston, a crook on the run, counts on the help of his mistress, Georgette, a cabaret dancer, to steal money from a young provincial. But Georgette and the young man will fall in love. Fast-paced, an absolute rarity.
Institut Lumière Fri. 9am

Pillaged  by Alain Cavalier (Mise à sac, 1967, 1:27)
A detective story that is both classic and subversive. Alain Cavalier excels in dangerous curves: a gangster story containing uncontrollable outbursts of passion.
Institut Lumière Fri 4:45pm


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