The silent in talkies, the talkies, in silent : 1927-1931

Muet (Affiche)The arrival of sound in 1929, a critical and
exciting moment, forced filmmakers to adapt to the transition and gave rise to real curiosities: Blackmail by Hitchcock is shot as both a silent and a talkie; Lonesome by Paul Fejos is a silent film that incorporates sound in certain scenes; In the Night, the last French silent film made by the actor Charles Vanel; or The Jazz Singer, the very first talkie in history. The latter will be presented in a restored print as a world premiere at the Lumière festival...

The Jazz Singer  by Alan Crosland (1927,1:28) - TALKIE
An old Jewish singer in a synagogue hopes to see his son succeed him. But the young Jackie prefers to bar hop and sing jazz. The official birth of sound in film, talking and singing. To (re)discover.
Pathé Bellecour Fri. 7pm | Institut Lumière Sat. 11:15am

In the night  
by Charles Vanel (Dans la nuit, 1929, 1:28) - SILENTFILM
A woman turns away her husband who was disfigured by an accident. «Hard images, simple and beautiful, whose power has rarely been exceeded in all of French cinema.» (Marcel Carné). One of the last silent French films before the tide of talkies.
Pathé Bellecour Thu. 7pm | Institut Lumière Sun. 9:30am

by Alfred Hitchcock (1929, Silent version: 1:16, Talkie version: 1:25) - SILENT AND TALKIE
Alice kills her lover who had tried to rape her. Her husband, a police officer, is aware of his guilt... With fluid editing Hitchcock presents a vibrant evocation of life in London. Anticipating the success of the talkie, Hitchcock had prepared a sound version while also releasing the silent one.
Auditorium Wed. 8:15pm (silent version) | Pathé Bellecour Thu. 2:45 p.m. (talkie version)

by Paul Fejos (1928, 1:08) - SILENT FILM
The romance between a worker and a receptionist in an industrialized society. With a moving camera and dazzling staging, the famous masterpiece by Paul Fejos.
Institut Lumière Thu. 11:45am

From Saturday to Sunday 
by Gustav Machatý (Ze soboty na nedeli, 1931, 1:11) - TALKIE
Two girls looking to have fun after a week of work at the office, in the city nightlife. The first Czech talkie, unknown and poetic.
Institut Lumière Wed. 9:15am


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