Premieres of films on the cinema

Before their release in theaters, the new film by Ettore Scola, a documentary-homage to Fellini, and a documentary by James Toback and Alec Baldwin, who interview cinema greats about film production.

How Strange to be Named Federico!  by Ettore Scola (Che strano chiamarsi Federico!, 2013, 1:30)
The intimate tribute to Federico Fellini by Ettore Scola, twenty years after his death. A master of cinema proclaims his admiration for the genius of Italian grandeur.
Comœdia Tue. 4:30pm

Seduced and Abandoned  by James Toback (2013, 1:40)
Through the testimonies of actors and filmmakers, an exploratory trip to the cinema planet that is The Cannes Film Festival: art, money, glamor, death. By the director of Fingers.
Institut Lumière Wed. 5pm

Belle and Sebastien  by Nicolas Vanier (Belle et Sébastien, 2013, 1:38)
Filmed in the heart of the Alps, the moving and funny story of a huge dog and a little boy, by an ardent conservationist,NicolasVanier. HalleTonyGarnierWed.2:30pm

The Wind Rises  by Hayao Miyazaki (KazeTachinu, 2013, 2:06)
Miyazaki bids farewell to the cinema through the story of a Japanese engineer, Jiro Horikoshi, the inventor of the airplane fighter who bombed Pearl Harbor. One of his most personal films. Visually dazzling.
Institut Lumière Sat. 7:15pm

Trespassing Bergman  by Jane Magnusson and Hynek Pallas (2013, 1:48)
Actors and directors talk about their relationship with Bergman, «probably the greatest film artist since the invention of the camera (Woody Allen). They discuss Bergman’s recurring themes and explore his conception of the cinema.
Comœdia Thu. 4:30pm

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