Homages in their presence


Homages will be paid to great figures of the cinema:
The actor Jean-Paul Belmondo
The actor and director
Pierre Richard
The actress Françoise Fabian
The producer and director James B. Harris
Grover Crisp, Restorations director at Columbia

Jean-Paul Belmondo
Read the article about Jean-Paul Belmondo “Godard made me love the cinema”

Doulos: The Finger Man  by Jean-Pierre Melville (Le Doulos 1962, 1:48)
Maurice prepares a robbery with his friend Silien, without knowing that the latter is a «doulos,» a police informer. Serge Reggiani is admirable and Jean-Paul Belmondo unforgettable in his role as a character with disconcerting reactions. The first Melvillian thriller.
Institut Lumière Tue. 2:30pm | Comœdia Sun. 10:45am

Up to His Ears  by Philippe de Broca (Les Tribulations d’un Chinois en Chine, 1965, 1:49)
A billionaire is bored. He wants to commit suicide. He buys life insurance, then asks a friend to kill him. But beforehand, he falls in love and no longer wants to die. A comical alliance between the unflappable Jean Rochefort and the acrobatics of Belmondo.
UGC Astoria Tue. 8:30pm | Ciné Caluire Wed. 8:30pm | Vénissieux Thu. 2:30pm

Pierrot le fou  by Jean-Luc Godard (1965, 1:55)
Life on the run for a couple on the verge of exploding, a hymn to l’amour fou. A breathtaking beauty of a film. Jean-Paul Belmondo is sensual and heartbreaking, Anna Karina is all instinct.
Cinéma Opéra Wed. 5:30pm. | CNP Thu. 3pm | UGC Cité Internationale Fri. 8:30pm

Itinerary of a Spoiled Child  by Claude Lelouch (Itinéraire d’un enfant gâté, 1988, 2:01)
A man pretends to be dead to change his life. But in the place where he has taken refuge, a meeting will make his itinerary change. One of the finest roles of Belmondo, truculent and sensitive alongside Richard Anconina.
Pathé Bellecour Tue. 4:45pm | Pathé Cordeliers Sun. 2:30pm

A Monkey in Winter  by Henri Verneuil (Un singe en hiver, 1962, 1:43)
Two men, played by Gabin and Belmondo, will experience two days of escape and friendship, where their slogan is, “We drink tons and get wonderfully drunk!” The wine and the dialogues by Audiard are delicious.
Halle Tony Garnier Mon 7:45pm | UGC Confluence Tue 8:30pm | Bron Fri 8:30

Greed in the Sun  by Henri Verneuil (Cent mille dollars au soleil, 1963, 2:04)
The clash of two truckers who must convey clandestine cargo. The cutting dialogues by Audiard for Belmondo, Ventura, and Blier place humor and class in the middle of the Moroccan desert landscapes.
Vénissieux Wed. 8:30pm | Pathé Bellecour Sat. 4:45pm | UGC Cité Internationale Sun. 3:30pm

Pierre Richard
Read the article about Pierre Richard “Before, I was a character. Now I am an actor. A young actor.”

The Troubles of Alfred  by Pierre Richard (Les Malheurs d’Alfred, 1972, 1:33)
Alfred, an unlucky architect, attempts suicide on the same day as Agathe, a victim of heartache. Pierre Richard spins and twirls with irresistible candor in this hilarious charge against television.
Pathé Cordeliers Wed. 11am | Villeurbanne Thu. 8:30pm

The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe
  by Yves Robert (Le Grand blond avec une chaussure noire, 1972, 1:30)
To deceive his deputy and rival, the head of French intelligence randomly chooses a man and assigns him to a very dangerous spy. A hilarious vaudeville comedy and a malicious parody of espionage.
Pathé Bellecour Tue. 11am | Pathé Bellecour Fri. 2:30pm | Pathé Cordeliers Sat. 2:45pm

The Goat
  by Francis Veber (La Chèvre, 1981, 1:33)
A classic of French comedy carried off by a duo: Pierre Richard as an inveterate kidder, and Gérard Depardieu as a confused private detective. Both aim to bring home the daughter of a CEO, kidnapped in Latin America.
Pathé Bellecour Thu. 4pm | UGC Confluence Fri. 8:30pm | Pathé Vaulx-en-Velin Sun. 2:30pm

Tell Me about Che by Pierre Richard (Parlez-moi du Che, 1987, 1:00)
At a time when his ideals are commercially exploited, what remains today of the internationalist values and commitments of Che? Pierre Richard and Jean Cormier go off to Cuba in search of more.
Institut Lumière theater 2 Thu. 6pm, preceded by Pierre Richard’s master class.

Françoise Fabian
Read the article about Françoise Fabian “If it’s difficult for me to talk about her, it’s because I have the impression I’m talking about myself.”

My Night at Maud’s  by Eric Rohmer (Ma nuit chez Maud, 1969, 1:50)
An engineer enjoying the tranquility of a provincial town feels a great attraction to a young woman, who is free and independent. A jewel of the French New Wave with Françoise Fabian and Jean-Louis Trintignant.
Comœdia Thu. 7pm | Pathé Cordeliers Fri. 2:30pm

Specialists  by Sergio Corbucci (Gli specialisti, 1969, 1:43, French version)
Hud (Johnny Hallyday) wants to avenge his brother, who was lynched for having looted a bank. An iconic spaghetti western of cold violence, directed by one of the pioneers of the genre, admired by Tarantino: Sergio Corbucci.
Pathé Bellecour Wed. 5:30pm | Institut Lumière Sat. 4:45pm

James B. Harris

Some Call it Loving  (Sleeping Beauty) by James B. Harris (1973, 1:42)
A lonely man buys a woman who has been in a deep sleep for eight years at a fairground. When he wakes her up, a surprise awaits. A strange and wonderful fantasy, a cinematographic adventure.
Institut Lumière Wed. 2:30pm | Pathé Bellecour Sat. 10pm

Cop  by James B. Harris (1988, 1:50)
A police tracks a serial killer who no one believes exists. An adaptation of a novel by James Ellroy, with dynamic overlapping emotions. Starring James Wood, both compelling and repulsive.
Cinéma Opéra Tue. 8:15pm | Institut Lumière theater 2 Fri. 8:30pm

Lolita  by Stanley Kubrick (1962, 2:33)
A man marries a widow and woos her daughter. Peter Sellers gives an explosive performance, while James Mason is perfectly refined and ambiguous. Then there is young Sue Lyon, sensual and electric. A brilliant adaptation of Nabokov’s novel, and the last of three films produced by the man who launched Kubrick’s career: James B. Harris.
Pathé Bellecour Thu. 10:15am | UGC Cité Internationale Sat. 8:30pm

Grover Crisp

The Way We Were  by Sydney Pollack (1973, 1:58)
The Hollywood witch-hunt as told through the tumultuous love story of two people (Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford) who have opposing views. This America of conspiracy theories carries a misery at its core, ready to implode.
UGC Confluence Wed. 8:30pm | Pathé Cordeliers Thu. 11am | Comœdia Fri. 9:45pm| Charbonnières Sat.8:30pm

The Last Detail  by Hal Ashby (1973, 1:44)
Two officers must escort a kleptomaniac from one prison to another. An urban road movie in the America of the 1970s. Jack Nicholson at the peak of his talent.
Comœdia Tue. 6:45pm | Pathé Bellecour Wed. 4:45pm | CNP Sat. 8:15pm | Cinéma Opéra Sun. 5:15pm

Shampoo  by Hal Ashby (1975, 1:49)
Avid seducer George Roundy (Warren Beatty) has affairs with all the clients of his hair salon. Wide collars, sequins galore, sexual freedom... the seventies forever!
Comœdia Wed. 11am | Pathé Cordeliers Sat. 5:15pm | Neuville Sun. 5pm

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