Epic screenings

Grandes Projections (Affiche)Monster movies and masterworks: from Cecil B. DeMille final work, The Ten Commandments,  to Bertolucci's The Last Emperor in 3D, five monumental works return to the big screen, fully restored.

The Ten Commandments
  by Cecil B. DeMille (1956, 3:50)
Moses (Charlton Heston) confronts Rameses (Yul Brynner), pharaoh of Egypt to lead his people, the Hebrews, to freedom and a new land. Spectacular settings, pharaonic cast!
Pathé Cordeliers Fri. 8pm | Sainte-Foy Sat 7pm | Pathé Bellecour Sun. 4:45pm

Exodus  by Otto Preminger (1960, 3:28)
Brilliant fresco on the exodus of Holocaust survivors trying to reach Palestine. An overwhelming story of love for a land, for human beings. With Eva Marie Saint and Paul Newman.
Meyzieu Wed. 8pm | Pathé Cordeliers Thu. 7:45pm | UGC Confluence Sun. 3:30pm

Scarface  by Brian De Palma (1983, 2:50)
Violent and ambitious, Tony Montana, a low-level Cuban gangster who arrived in Florida after the mass exodus of 1980, rises through the ranks of organized crime. A nightmarish parody of the American dream. Al Pacino at his best.
Pathé Vaise Tue. 8:30pm | Pathé Cordeliers Sat. 8pm | Comœdia Sun. 7:45pm

The Last Emperor 3D  by Bernardo Bertolucci (1987, 2:43)
A flamboyant portrayal of the life of the last ruler of the Empire of China. Sumptuous historical epic film, shot in the authentic settings of the Forbidden City. For the first time in 3D.
Pathé Cordeliers Tue. 8:30pm | Comœdia Thu. 10:30am | Pathé Vaulx-en-Velin Sat. 8:30pm

East of Eden  by Elia Kazan (1955, 1:55)
A small town in the United States around 1910. Cal, a young rebel, opposes his father who prefers his brother. James Dean, here yet unknown, imposes his fascinating, feline, edgy style with breathtaking intensity.
Pathé Cordeliers Wed. 8pm | Corbas Thu. 8pm | UGC Astoria Sat. 8:30pm

The Deer Hunter  by Michael Cimino (1978, 3:02)
Three friends find themselves in the heart of Vietnamese hell. Christopher Walken, Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, John Cazale, John Savage star in an unforgettable film about the trauma of war, by the director of Heaven’s Gate.
UGC Confluence Thu. 8:30pm | UGC Confluence Sat. 8:30pm | Pathé Cordeliers Sun. 5:15pm


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