A low carbon initiative for the Lumière festival



The Lumière Festival continues its commitment to reducing the environmental impact and carries out concrete actions to reduce its direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions:

- The sorting of waste at the festival village,
- The introduction of electric cars bearing the Lumière festival logo for transporting film prints, communication elements and technical supplies throughout the city,
- The promotion of public transportation throughout the city through a communication operation in partnership with Sytral and Kéolis (tickets printed with the Lumière festival logo for 15 days and free TCL tickets for accredited members).

Moreover, not able to totally eliminate its carbon emissions, the festival is committed to compensating this fact by lending its support to sustainable development projects in the Rhône-Alpes region.

The festival is also associated with the following initiative: each year, in addition to a contribution from our official partner EDF (Electricité de France), a portion of revenue sales is donated to a selected catalogue project.

The festival has previously supported the reconstruction project refuge of the Dôme du Goûter on a path to climb Mont Blanc, a project focused on energy-saving research in an area with very specific weather conditions.

In 2012, the festival was involved in a project of planting vegetal resources on a site accessible to everyone, around Lake Geneva in France. The work of reforestation has helped revive the once-existing agricultural heritage of these Alpine mountains and to bring value to an exceptional viewpoint.

In 2013, the festival will contribute to the creation of a forest comprised of fruit trees in the Rhône-Alpes on the site of a former paper mill located in the municipality of Entre-Deux-Guiers in Isere, where the environment is in very poor condition due to lack of maintenance. This forest of 4 hectares along the river of Guiers will help give value to the site for the many fishermen while also promoting the survival of bees through the reintroduction of honey trees.

With the support of EDF


Photo :  Lathuile project, Lake Geneva photo ONF

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