Chronique morave
Všichni dobří rodáci / All My Good Countrymen
dir. Vojtěch Jasný, Czechoslovakia 1968, 115 minutes

All My Good Countrymen is the third film to be digitally restored in Czech Republic under supervision of the National Film Archive in Prague (NFA). The restoration began with an extensive research of available film materials, documents on production and early distribution of the film, and also reviews and memoirs from the period. Director of the film Vojtěch Jasný was involved as a consultant to the restoration team.

Digitization of the image used the original negative of the film exclusively, as it was preserved in an almost pristine condition in the NFA, with no frames missing and only marginal wear and damage. A selected distribution copy from the period of the first release was used as a reference material for colour grading. The scanning of the negative was carried out in 4K and 10 bit depth. Subsequently, the scratches and dirt and other damage that the material suffered over past decades were removed, partly automatically, but for the larger part manually by skilled operators.

For the major part of the duration of the film, a distribution copy was used as a source for digitized sound. Although the sound negative was also available and in a very good condition, it could not be used for the final mix in its entirety, as the methods for its manufacture used in the late 1960s were not standard in comparison with those used abroad; because of that, machines available today for sound negative scanning were not able to cope with it without distortions.

All My Good Countrymen premiered in its renewed version at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in June 2013, and is now distributed in the digital cinemas in Czech Republic. French audience will be the first to see the restored film abroad. It seems rather fitting, considering that the film was successfully shown at 1969 Festival de Cannes, receiving Award for Best Director Ex-aequo and Special Distinction by the C.S.T.

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